Letters of Reference
2071 Emerson Street, Unit 1
Jacksonville, FL 32207
ph: 904-739-8090
fax: 904-737-3011

I just wanted to inform you that Rob with A Greener Image came last Tuesday to service one of the
resident’s that had requested pest control and she came up to the office and complimented his
service, knowledge and attitude. She said he was very pleasant and informed her of what he was
doing and why and made her feel very comfortable with him servicing her apartment. She made it a
point to come by to make sure I knew!

Have a great day!

Melissa Roa
Community Director
Malabar Lakes Apartments, Milestone Management
A Greener Image, Inc.
Fertilization and Pest Management
Indoor Pest Control
To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to state that ever since changing over from our past pest control company and their
constant failure to actually administer control over pests, A Greener Image has performed its
appointed tasks well above our expectations.
We were plagued with infestations of weevils, fleas, drain flies and German cockroaches, all of
which the former pest control struggled with eliminating after many visits and applications of
pesticides, whereby my friend, Doug Smith, made some recommendations regarding proper
procedure on our part, even though his company was not employed by us at that time and, after
one visit, discovered several nests of pests that our current pest control company had not.
As a result, we have switched over to A Greener Image and have been completely satisfied with
their service and results.  

Doug Cusic